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Комплексная реализация проектов
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Комплексная реализация проектов


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A functional and user-friendly store design is 70% of success when starting a business. Therefore, it is recommended to allocate no less time and effort to the design of the premises than concluding contracts with suppliers, choosing goods, and completing documents in government agencies. Owners and business leaders in the field of trade have little understanding of design, they have no experience in choosing commercial equipment. Therefore, to resolve issues related to interior design, purchase of furniture, it is recommended to seek help from professionals. They will arrange a turnkey store in the shortest possible time and with a guarantee of quality. U-Tech has 15 years of experience in this field. We will take care of the creation and implementation of the interior project, the manufacture, installation of furniture at the point of sale. You only need to approve the project and devote further time to other aspects of the business. There is no doubt about the quality of the furnishings and decoration of the store.


U-Tech has an individual approach to creating a turnkey store for a company client. We do not use standard designs that are boring to potential buyers and do not distinguish your property from competitors.Our designers will prepare a project for each object, taking into account the following features:

Design style. Designers choose the style depending on the type of goods in the store, the personal wishes of the client, the general style of the shopping center and other factors. Our employees will prepare options, or combinations of them in one design, designed to give the outlet a unique touch.
Features of the layout and area. When arranging a turnkey store, the area and shape of the premises, the presence of load-bearing structures are taken into account. Sketches of furniture are developed in such a way as to provide convenient storage of goods and present them in the best possible way for buyers. But at the same time to keep enough space for the movement of customers and staff.
Functionality of the furniture. When developing the design, our specialists take into account the possible use of interior items of dual or triple use. For example, showcases with shelves for storing goods, racks with the possibility of exhibiting products.

Application procedure

U-Tech managers are ready to provide detailed advice on the design of a turnkey store using furniture of their own making. Ordering furniture according to individual projects will allow you to optimally use the space and present the product in a profitable way. Which will immediately affect the profitability of the retail outlet. You can place an order with our managers by phone.

Turnkey restaurant

The interior is just as important a part of a restaurant as the kitchen. According to statistics, 7 out of 10 visitors to a new catering establishment pay attention to a comfortable environment when entering it. And after that they evaluate the choice of dishes, pricing policy. Consulting agencies offering turnkey restaurant opening services take on the responsibility of organizing the main work processes, including the selection and renovation of premises, the selection of suppliers, staff, organization of cooking and accounting, legal issues and obtaining licenses. And the interior decor fades into the background. Which in 80% of cases leads to business ruin due to lack of customers. U-Tech offers a different approach to opening a turnkey restaurant. We decorate establishments with exclusive home-made interior items. The customer is provided with tables, chairs, waiter stations, furniture for staff and lounge areas, bar counters, which are designed taking into account the characteristics of a particular institution, design style, and room configuration.

Furniture types

Turnkey restaurant opening services offer an integrated approach to decoration, in which one manufacturer - U-Tech - designs, manufactures and assembles all the necessary furniture. In this way, it is possible to achieve the integrity of the perception of the interior and distinguish the restaurant from the background of similar premises of competitors.

Our company manufactures:

• Tables and chairs for the hall; • High chairs for sitting along the bar counter; • Soft padded stools, armchairs; • Sofas to accommodate 2-3 people and large sofas, which can accommodate a company of 5-6 visitors; • Furniture for service personnel, including waiter stations.

Furniture set

Headsets are made in the same style using quality materials. The style of the interior is selected - classic, hi-tech, baroque, minimalism, ethno, Mediterranean and others.

Furniture set

Turnkey restaurant furniture from U-Tech is furniture that is combined with other furnishings, design elements. This approach is the only correct one, even if you like eclecticism.

Furniture characteristics

An attempt to save money by buying furniture for domestic use leads to negative consequences. As a result, the restaurant does not have its own "face", and the tables and chairs bought in the nearest store quickly become unusable. Which forces you to invest additional funds in modernization or close your business.

U-Tech offers

U-Tech offers an alternative approach that works 99.9% of the time. We develop a set of furniture for the client, taking into account the planned budget of the restaurant style. Making custom furniture will cost more, but such costs pay off quickly and bring dividends in the future.


To place an order for the manufacture of furniture, call our managers at the specified numbers.

Stage I
Departure to the object

Our employee will go to the site

Stage II
Object features

The employee will study the features of the object

Stage III
Create a 3D sketch

Creating a 3D sketch of an object

Stage IV
Design evaluation

Based on the 3D model, you will be able to evaluate the design of the future premises

Stage V
Changes to the project

If necessary, make changes to the project

Stage VI
Let's make items

After that, we will produce the selected furnishings

Stage VII

We organize the delivery of manufactured items

Stage VIII

We will install items on site according to the developed project

Turnkey bar

  • The success of a catering establishment depends not only on a good concept, an interesting menu and delicious dishes.

    An equally important role in the popularity of a cafe or restaurant is played by its interior, the furniture used, and the division of the room into functional zones. You can do the work on creating and implementing the concept of a bar or restaurant on your own only if you have the necessary knowledge and experience in this area. In all other cases, it is advisable to contact professionals. The relatively low cost of paying for services to create an individual interior is the key to the success of your enterprise, a quick return on investment and maintaining the popularity of the cafe among visitors in the future. U-Tech provides services for the development and opening of a turnkey bar or restaurant. We will take care of all the efforts to create a catering establishment, taking into account personal wishes, modern market trends, location features, and national nuances.

  • When ordering the opening of a turnkey restaurant with U-Tech, you can be 100% sure that you will get a unique establishment that will attract visitors with its originality, interesting design, and comfortable cozy hall.

    When placing an order, the following factors are taken into account: Customer wishes. Designers think over the interior, taking into account the chosen national cuisine, the design concept, the financial capabilities of the client, fashion trends in the field of catering establishments. Features of the leased or purchased premises. Specialists develop the style of design, taking into account the area, configuration, number of rooms that are available at the facility. Their relationship with each other for convenient work, attractiveness from the point of view of the client, and other factors are taken into account. Use of interior items to maintain the atmosphere. Our company independently develops and manufactures functional furniture for catering establishments. You can order tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas, staff furniture, bar counters from us. These will not be typical, but unique products that will become the “highlight” of your cafe.

  • We create a turnkey cafe or bar without any additional hassle on your part.

    The main task of the customer is to inform the managers of the U-Tech company about their wishes, and then approve the proposed design options. This approach to opening a turnkey restaurant has the following advantages: The performance of work by one company guarantees the integrity of the concept of a catering establishment; Professionalism, experience, special knowledge of our employees allow us to implement those ideas that will make a bar or restaurant popular and profitable; Transferring the work of opening a cafe to specialists frees you up time to deal with other important matters related to the new business; Our specialists control all work on the design of the premises and the preparation of the establishment for the opening. We are responsible for their quality.

Work order

Do you want to order the opening of a turnkey restaurant? Call our employees. The cooperation scheme is as follows:


Meeting to obtain initial data for design

3D - project

Development and approval of the project, 3D visualization

Project implementation

Implementation of the developed project

Delivery of works

Quality control, handover.

The success of your cafe, restaurant or bar is the best reward for the efforts of our specialists.