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Комплексная реализация проектов
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Комплексная реализация проектов


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Dec 05
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Unique Technologies business is oriented at comprehensive fit-out of shops, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, cafeterias and other retail-related businesses. We offer our clients complex approach for opening new shops and restaurants; we do our best to minimize entrepreneurs’ time and planned budget by providing a team of professionals for the project, who will do everything necessary to ensure the project is successful from the get go.

Our team has an extensive and growing experience in opening retail facilities and we happily share our best practices with our partners and clients. By handling project implementation over to us you can be assured that every participant of the project responsible for a particular area is acting in your best interest, saves your money and your time. 
The list of our areas of operations below features everything that can possibly be related to start-up and ongoing support of entrepreneurship in retail sphere:

1. Commercial real estate.

This includes search, selection and execution of rental agreements on behalf of our clients. Our rental manager knows all peculiarities and pitfalls one can encounter as well as the ways to overcome them timely. We can provide professional advise on selection of property that meets your established criteria and existing limitations, taking into account ratios of existing flow, presence of target audience, location, nearby competition, rental rate and rent free period, investments necessary for building and repair works, expenses for production of retail equipment or supply of production machinery, etc. By contracting us you’ll save your time while getting professional and fair approach to selection of best available facility for your store, restaurant, etc.

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2. Engineering.

This area is responsible for design of project documents that you need to open a shop, restaurant, café, etc. Our architects have extensive experience, which positively affects the resulting quality, terms of completion and total investment budget. By contracting us you’ll receive professional results and save your time. We’ll prepare all the necessary project documentation you need to open an establishment: architectural design, ventilation and air conditioning design, energy design, design for water supply and sanitation, design of fire and security alarm systems, zoning and laying out production machinery.

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3. Retail Equipment.

This area is responsible for production and supplies of retail equipment, manufacturing of bar counters designed or planned specifically to fit your facility. Retail equipment may be standard or customized. If it is necessary to manufacture retail equipment made of chipboard or fibreboard, plastic, glass, etc., we’ll do our best to produce it within the shortest time possible. In case when supply of standard equipment is necessary, our manager will organize such supply taking into account availability of the equipment at the warehouses and from our partners. By contracting us you’ll not only receive retail equipment and bar counters, but also their professional assembly at your facility.

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4. Production machinery.

Department of production machinery for restaurants, cafes, bars, cafeteria, etc. is responsible for supply of production machinery to our clients. By ordering production machinery with us you can be assured that supplies will be organized taking into account the time necessary for building and repair works, production and supply of retail equipment and bar counters, as well as planned budget and optimized assortment in accordance with design for zoning and laying out production machinery.

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5. Repairs, finishing works.

This area is responsible for execution of building and repair works at shops, restaurants, etc. Our team has all necessary competencies and permits to provide repair services. Our production facilities allow us to work simultaneously on a large number of objects of various level of complexity, while maintaining the agreed terms and quality of works. By contracting us you’re handling your project over to a “one-stop shop”, while not shifting the responsibility center, which allows you to save time and money.

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6. Support services.

Support services department is responsible for project support of our clients, related to maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems, maintenance of production machinery, maintenance of electric and plumbing systems. By contracting us you can be assured that our support service will help to resolve current issues without distracting you from your core operations.

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