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Jul 31

     Opening up a new establishment is not an easy task for both a professional restaurateur and for abeginner entrepreneur. Professional restaurateurs tend to have their own team, which handles development and opening upestablishments“from scratch”, a perfect example of which is ArkadyNovikov, whose experience and success can be seen both in Russia and abroad. And, depending on qualifications and experience of the team, it has a clear understanding of the project stages, all the pitfalls, as well as the budget to implement and promote the establishment.

Mar 03

At present, residents of big cities do not have much time for long shopping trips. Consequently, the mega format era is coming to an end. People feel more comfortable when they can quickly get into astore next to theirhome, especially if there is a high quality service, a large selection of food, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as prepared foods to take out.

Jan 16

We have gained a lot of experiencerelated to opening stores, restaurants, cafes, etc. and are ready to share itwhile making friends, partners, and getting new knowledge in return. Our article is an attempt to clarify issues,which retailers facewhile opening their first stores, and the opportunity to warn them about some of the pitfalls. Below is the table that presentskey stages of opening a retail store project, and further we will tell you in more detailwhat to start with and what the order of those stages of opening a store is. As an illustration we use the photos of the projects carried out by Unique Technologies.